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Thread: Minimalist design & smooth pastel colours

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    Minimalist design & smooth pastel colours

    I've made a small website where you can make a list without the need to register.


    Everything is made by me and I wanted to ask you what i can make better the next time.
    I hope that the background image is not too big, so what are the loading times for you?
    Does the website need a "back" button somewhere or is it not necessary?

    Thanks in advance

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    The loading time is fast if you ask me, and i think your site is a little too simple, try add some more buttons or decorating it a bit will help too.

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    the background image is not too big and you should change the width of it's container to the width of that image from 625px to 717px because the "open an existing list" button is overflowing because 625px is too narrow. loading time is very good. yes a button is needed to get back to the first page. it is customary to name it "home". the css styling should be moved to an external file. your design is very basic - consider styling it some more. look at other sites to get some ideas.

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