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Thread: My website on mobile devices

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    My website on mobile devices

    I run a small private school -- fairoaksacademy.com. I know nothing about web development. Most of our site currently does not work on my iPhone 5 (JavaScript ON in Safari). This is especially true of the first 7 sections as noted on the menu bar on the left. The text and photos sort of show up, but the look of the site is lost. I'm told this has something to do with JavaScript and that my site, as it exists, is not going to work on mobile devices. It has been recommended that I do a new design for mobile devices. I'm just trying to find out if that is just the way it is, or if there some way for me to get the site to look and operate on a mobile device as it does on the web. Appreciate any comments.

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    Smart phones do not have the same real estate as your normal desktop browsers.
    Therefore, the pictures to the side will probably not move as you expect or the
    pictures may be so large as to make your menu appear very small in comparison.

    There is not a cursor hover effect available on smartphones or tablets as the cursor
    does not appear to float over the selections. The hover effect is replaced by the onclick.

    You will probably need to change the size of your fonts and possibly the image sizes
    to make the site more readable with smartphones. My suggestion would be to have
    different layouts based on the available screen size or design for the typical width and length
    of the smartphones available. Or have the user be able to click on a button or link to
    alter the display layout with a bit of CSS definitions.

    Desktop to smartphone layout directly does not lend itself to a one display only solution.
    My suggestion would be to create two different layouts to be used for the different displays.

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    I think you need a website that work for the mobile and smartphone. As discussed by JMRKER smart phone does not have the same features as desktop have. So make a website that work for the smartphones as well. Concern with your website developer for this and he will help you better. I hope this will help you lot.

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    Thanks so much for these detailed responses. Much appreciated.

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