Hello guys, I'd like invite everyone to review of our project www.snippets.pro. This service is intended for developers who need to keep their own code snippets and find the necessary code by other developers as well, as to share discoveries with friends and colleagues.

What has been done
  • Sing up, sign in, forgotten password recovery.
  • Publication of the snippet (this is possible even without authorization, simply by entering the captcha)
  • Easy breakdown of the snippets by categories and tags
  • The search system (looking only by name and by tag for now)
  • Profile of the user with the added snippets and "Favorites"
  • Opportunity to vote for the snippet (respectively, it affects the rating both: snippet and its author)
  • Ability to add a snippet of "My Favorites"
  • Ability to share the snippet to social networks (only FB, Twitter, Google+ and russian VK.com)
  • Download a snippet as a text file, the ability to view the code in a separate browser tab (just a raw code, without any "husk"), and within the interface of the system (of course, each snippet have a readable permalink).
  • Comments for snippets
  • RSS-feed with latest added snippets, devided by categories
  • The service interface is available in English, Russian, Czech and German.

Plans for the near future
The basic policy of the service - based on your feedbacks will be built next functionality. Yet our plans include:
  • Further development of the basic functionality.
  • Sign in via social networks (at least, Facebook and Twitter).
  • Editing snippets and as a result, their versioning.
  • Some encouragement for active users on the basis of their ranking.

I will welcome any suggestions, comments, and any reasonable criticism from you, dear colleagues. And also I invite everyone to participate in the beta testing, and perhaps make a small contribution to the development of the service by adding your code snippet Thank you for your attention!