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Thread: Question regarding CMS and modern HTML

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    Question regarding CMS and modern HTML

    I'm a young, self taught individual so my knowledge when it comes to the larger picture within the web development world if very limited.

    When it comes to HTML/CSS, I can develop a professional looking website.

    However, with CMS like wordpress/drupal/joomla, I'd like to expand my knowledge because these things seem to be whats popular now.

    My question (With a sample site) - http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football?r=1

    I am interested in creating a wordpress page simply for the CMS feature.. Looking at the above site, can anyone tell what actually uses and benefits from the CMS aside from the blog posts?

    I guess my actual question is, is everything within this site being hardcoded in everytime something new is added? (Examples, the player news/headlines)

    I struggle with understanding whether or not things are being added manually or by feeds and some unknown source that I happen to have no clue exists.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Well, a CMS has lots of features programmed by other developers. It has login/signup forms, a dashboard, so people that don't have programming skills can customize/add/remove content, elements or functionality (menus, sidebars, settings, SEO), and many other things.
    This means less work for you.
    If you want to extend your install, you can add modules or plugins, depending on what CMS you are using.
    And, of course, depending on the type of site you are building, you choose your CMS: Wordpress has some security issues and it wouldn't be a great choice for an e-commerce site, however it is easier to use; on the other hand Drupal is more secure, but a bit more difficult, and so on.
    However...if you need to add something original, and you don't find it as downloadable module, plugin or whatever, you have to hardcode, but it's not very difficult, the comunity is quite large for every CMS, and you will find plenty of help.

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