I'm a young, self taught individual so my knowledge when it comes to the larger picture within the web development world if very limited.

When it comes to HTML/CSS, I can develop a professional looking website.

However, with CMS like wordpress/drupal/joomla, I'd like to expand my knowledge because these things seem to be whats popular now.

My question (With a sample site) - http://www.rotoworld.com/sports/nfl/football?r=1

I am interested in creating a wordpress page simply for the CMS feature.. Looking at the above site, can anyone tell what actually uses and benefits from the CMS aside from the blog posts?

I guess my actual question is, is everything within this site being hardcoded in everytime something new is added? (Examples, the player news/headlines)

I struggle with understanding whether or not things are being added manually or by feeds and some unknown source that I happen to have no clue exists.

Thanks everyone!