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Thread: Validate a Required Ratio of Form Fields to be Complete

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    Validate a Required Ratio of Form Fields to be Complete

    I'm looking for a way to validate a specific ratio or percentage of fields in a form. There are several sections that need a ratio such as (any 2 of 6 fields) complete. I'll continue searching, but wanted to know if anyone has seen something along those lines.

    Is there a way to count specific fields and then require >= 2 to be complete?

    Thanks for any help.

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    You could scan the document.formName.elements() array, check for 'input' type elements and then check their values, but that could be cumbersome. Since you say you'll be grouping some elements, I'd assign the input elements in each group a unique 'class' attribute and use document.getElementsByClassName() to fetch each group quickly and cleanly. From there, it's a matter of what constitutes a valid entry, how many elements belong to each class, and what the desired ratio is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xover15 View Post
    ... There are several sections that need a ratio such as (any 2 of 6 fields) complete...
    enclose each section by the <div id="section_number"></div> and count the inner elements of input type with value !== '' (not empty)
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    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <title>Required fields number in a form section</title>
    <style type="text/css">
    body{color:#fff;background-color:#000;font-family:'Bookman Old Style',Georgia,Verdana;font-size:14px;text-align:center;padding:20px;font-weight:bold;}
    div{padding:10px 10px;margin:5px 0px;}
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function doc(id){return document.getElementById(id);}
    function chkFrm(){
    var z=1,reqFields=2,secNum=0,secValid=0;
    var inps=doc('section_'+z).getElementsByTagName('input'),
    for(var k in inps){
    if(inps[k].value !== ''){filled++;}
    doc('section_'+z).style.border=(filled!=reqFields)?'2px dashed Crimson':'none';
    return (secNum==secValid)?true:false;
    doc('mf').onsubmit=function(){return chkFrm();}
    doc('mf').onreset=function(){var n=1;while(doc('section_'+n)){doc('section_'+n).style.border='none';n++;}}
    <form name="mf" id="mf" action="">
    <div id="section_1">
    <label for="inp_1">Section 1 field 1:<input type="text" name="inp_1" id="inp_1" /></label>
    <label for="inp_2">Section 1 field 2:<input type="text" name="inp_2" id="inp_2" /></label>
    <label for="inp_3">Section 1 field 3:<input type="text" name="inp_3" id="inp_3" /></label>
    <label for="inp_4">Section 1 field 4:<input type="text" name="inp_4" id="inp_4" /></label>
    <label for="inp_5">Section 1 field 5:<input type="text" name="inp_5" id="inp_5" /></label>
    <label for="inp_6">Section 1 field 6:<input type="text" name="inp_6" id="inp_6" /></label>
    <div id="section_2">
    <label for="inp_7">Section 2 field 1:<input type="text" name="inp_7" id="inp_7" /></label>
    <label for="inp_8">Section 2 field 2:<input type="text" name="inp_8" id="inp_8" /></label>
    <label for="inp_9">Section 2 field 3:<input type="text" name="inp_9" id="inp_9" /></label>
    <label for="inp_10">Section 2 field 4:<input type="text" name="inp_10" id="inp_10" /></label>
    <label for="inp_11">Section 2 field 5:<input type="text" name="inp_11" id="inp_11" /></label>
    <label for="inp_12">Section 2 field 6:<input type="text" name="inp_12" id="inp_12" /></label>
    <div id="section_3">
    <label for="inp_13">Section 3 field 1:<input type="text" name="inp_13" id="inp_13" /></label>
    <label for="inp_14">Section 3 field 2:<input type="text" name="inp_14" id="inp_14" /></label>
    <label for="inp_15">Section 3 field 3:<input type="text" name="inp_15" id="inp_15" /></label>
    <label for="inp_16">Section 3 field 4:<input type="text" name="inp_16" id="inp_16" /></label>
    <label for="inp_17">Section 3 field 5:<input type="text" name="inp_17" id="inp_17" /></label>
    <label for="inp_18">Section 3 field 6:<input type="text" name="inp_18" id="inp_18" /></label>
    <div><input class="btn" type="submit" id="send" value="Submit the form" /><input class="btn" type="reset" id="res" value="Reset the form" /></div>
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