I developed an "Administration Area". It has these classes:
  1. Banner.php
  2. Connection.php
  3. Login.php
  4. Post.php
  5. User.php
  6. Category.php
  7. Contact.php
  8. Pagination.php
  9. Role.php

I just started to integrate the frontend web site and I started using, for instance, the Post class, in which I only use the "list-alike" methods to retrieve data. Then, I realized I had to add additional parameters and select more table columns then I needed for the backend admin area. For example,
for the backend I select the post title, post date, but not post text for listing the available posts. Then, I needed to select post_text as well for the frontend, but that is retrieving unnecessary data for the backend.

Now I wonder if perhaps it would be a better idea to have some classes specific for fontend data retrieval, which could then be tailored for frontend needs and avoid changing stuff that would cause problems in the backend (which has been working fine so far).

Extending classes doesn't seem to be the best approach here because the frontend classes would basically be composed of SELECT queries, unlike the backend ones.

What is your approach regarding this subject?

Thanks in advance for any insights.