hi , i have a code fot login to webmail (cpanle) and it works but i want a code for login to roundcube

roundcube is a browser-based multilingual IMAP client with an application-like user interface
this is my code for login to web mail cpanle pleze costomize for roundcube

HTML Code:
<div id="content-wrap"><form action="https://ns5.ourchurch.com:2096/login/" method="post"> <input name="login_theme" type="hidden" value="cpanel" /> 
<table class="login" style="width: 200px;" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<tbody style="text-align: left;">
<tr style="text-align: left;">
<td style="text-align: left;"><strong>Login</strong></td>
<td style="text-align: left;">&nbsp;</td>
<tr style="text-align: left;">
<td class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;">Email:</td>
<td class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"><input id="user" name="user" size="16" type="text" tabindex="1" /></td>
<tr class="row2" style="text-align: left;">
<td class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;">Password:</td>
<td class="login_lines" style="text-align: left;"><input id="pass" name="pass" size="16" type="password" tabindex="2" /></td>
<tr style="text-align: left;">
<td style="text-align: left;" colspan="2"><input id="login" class="input-button" type="submit" value="Login" tabindex="3" /></td>
<input name="goto_uri" type="hidden" value="/?login_theme=cpanel" /> </form> <br /> <br />
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
/* Must not include external javascript -jnk 06.20.09 */
var init = function() {
document.getElementById("user").value = '';
document.getElementById("pass").value = '';
if( window.addEventListener ) {
} else if( document.addEventListener ) {
// --></script>