Hello guys!

First of all I do not know HTML, I have a logical understanding of computer languages and web-languages. I am a fairly competent IT person and I am a quick learner in my experience.

Ok, so I have been thinking of starting up a small website for myself and a few others and I need tips and info on what I need.

So on my website I want a forum, I have been thinking of vBulletin, is this hard to integrate?

Theme or template, I want a sleek and not win-95 style website, are there templates or themes or other thing for this?
Is there any programs that can write HTML for you? I am aiming for an original design and not some popular mainstream things.

I also want news, and image and file uploading system for and a user database.

So basically I need to know everything I need and I mean everything.

Should I start with registering my domain together with a web hotel? Or something more advanced. Also I would like some tips for a few beginners to relatively advanced tips or sites for starting a website.

I want to integrate Adsense together with it.

So what are your thoughts? Do you think, with a basis of what I have written here, that I am capable of making this? How advanced does my HTML or other skills need to be?

Thank you, and sorry for a messy text, I will be grateful for ALL tips!

- Argos