ConnectBot is an open source Secure Shell client for the Android operating system. It lets users securely log in remotely to servers that run a secure shell daemon. This allows the user to enter commands from their android device and have the commands run on the remote server instead of the local android application development device. It uses the standard encryption used by SSH2 to keep any commands and data that are transmitted from being eavesdropped by any potential listeners across the network.

Funambol is a Silicon Valley software company that provides a personal cloud (cloud storage) solution for mobile operators, device manufacturers, internet portals, cable operators, software firms, system integrators and other organizations that offer mobile services to consumers and business users.

The Chromium Project takes its name from the element chromium, the metal from which chrome plating is made.[4] Google's intention, as expressed in the developer documentation, was that Chromium would be the name of the open source project and that the final product name would be Chrome.[5] However, other developers have taken the Chromium code and released versions under the Chromium name. These are listed under community builds.