Hello all, I am in need of help and I will try my best to explain the situation I am in;

I want to make a website for smartphones. I know few bits and bobs of webpages made a few simple plain ones font know anything I detail.

I have an excel sheet with times on for classes everyday and they are different times everyday. What I want to do is make a website to show these 6 times for the classes on the day and if possible for next few days by pressing next or tomorrow button (something like that)

How will I set the tables up?
How will I tell the webpage to check today's date and pull relevant information?
How will I name the information to make it relevant? Or to be pulled?
How will I show that information in a small table on the webpage?

I hope what I said make some sense, please tell me the easy and straight forward way to do it. I really want to do that myself.

Thanks in advance to all.