I like to get an other extra text field in my form when when 1 option is selected.
But the value of an option is not always the same.
I use php to get the date, increase it with one day every loop and display the name of the day with digit date.

Now I want to display an extra text field when Friday is selected

Can someone help me?

for ($d=0;$d<10;$d++){
$nu = date("d-m-Y",strtotime("$d day"));
$day_of_the_week = date('l', strtotime($nu));
if ($day_of_the_week == Monday){$day_of_the_week = 'Maandag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Tuesday){$day_of_the_week = 'Dinsdag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Wednesday){$day_of_the_week = 'Woensdag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Thursday){$day_of_the_week = 'Donderdag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Friday){$day_of_the_week = 'Vrijdag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Saturday){$day_of_the_week = 'Zaterdag';}else if
($day_of_the_week == Sunday){$day_of_the_week = 'Zondag';}

echo '<option value="'.$nu.'">'.$day_of_the_week .' &emsp;'. $nu.'</option>';