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Thread: On Page Optimization a new website

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    On Page Optimization a new website

    hi friends
    please check this site On Page Optimization work and help me to improve SERP

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    Top Priorities:

    1. Your website does not have a custom 404 Error Page.
    2. 17 Errors Found in HTML Validation.
    3. one [404] Broken link found.
    4. Speed up your website loading time.
    5. Extend the registration date.
    6. 3 alt attributes are empty

    Good for this site:

    1. CMS/

    2. CSS Validation------------>No Error Found

    3. XML Site Map-------------->Found

    4. Robots.txt---------------->Found

    5. Duplicate content--------->N/A

    6. Google webmaster---------->Found

    7. Google Analytics---------->Found

    8. www Resolve------------->Ok

    9. Meta Description---------->Perfect

    Improve SERP:

    1. Social Bookmarking
    2. Forum Commenting
    3. High page rank Directory Submission
    4. Blog Commenting
    5. Social Site contribution

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    Find good keywords related to your website business and theme. Find your target market like US, UK etc. Select keyword which have good search volumes and competition also not too high. If you think your website got potential to compete on high competition keywords then go for them. Create a keyword URL mapping for your pages, on the basis of them create unique meta tags and put your keyword accordingly in the title and description tags. Add keywords to your content if content is not properly optimized. Put Alt tags on images, as you have an entertainment theme you must be having many images, videos which you can use for your promotion. Add your website to Webmaster tool and track your site performance from their. Put your main keyword in h1 tag.

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    ‘The keyword is king’ used to be the mantra of most SEO campaigns. Choosing the correct keywords is still crucial. They are, after all, the phrases that people use when searching for a site, but nowadays less can be more.


    When search engines analyze your site, they pay particular attention to what lies between the HTML heading tags, especially <H1>, <H2>, and <H3>. In other words, titles and subtitles are important positions for keywords.

    Don’t just use the heading tags on your first or main page. For every page on your website you should have a <h1> or <h2>or <h3> that has that page’s main keyword within it.


    The URL of the webpage can be one of the most important factors of on-page optimization. Changing URLs retrospectively can be problematic so it’s important to get this right from the start. Including important, relevant keywords in the URL can give you a small, but perhaps, crucial rankings boost, and both Google and Yahoo will display the portions of your URL that match the search term entered in bold in the SERPs. This can serve to catch a human eye even if you are not at the top of the SERPs for that particular search term.

    Meta Tags

    Meta tags are used to instruct search engines on how a particular webpage should be indexed. Optimizing your title tag and the description meta tag can be useful in providing additional information to the search engines but using the keyword meta tag can do more harm than good.
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    I checked speed of your site, it is loading slower than normal, it also falls in on-page optimization, you need to correct it as well.
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    On-Page SEO: This refers to anything you can do to improve your own website like: Meta-tags, content, navigation, cleaning up errors, internal linking, alt tags, heading tags, sitemaps, etc.

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