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Thread: Affects of background-repeat: no-repeat on SEO

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    Affects of background-repeat: no-repeat on SEO

    Our programmer is using style='background-repeat: no-repeat so that we can incorporate some microdata on our product pages. As a result, our code shows the optimized image filename and the image alt twice each. Is that considered duplicate content? Will that hurt our SEO?

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    this is an example:

    <span itemscope itemtype= 'http://schema.org/webpage'><table align='center'><tr><td background='/optimized-image-name.jpg' width='104' height='125' style='background-repeat: no-repeat;'><img src='images/spacer.gif' border='0' width='104' height='125' alt='optimized alt image'><img itemprop='primaryImageOfPage' width=1 height=1 src='optimized-image-name.jpg' alt='optimized alt image'></td></tr></table></span>

    after more digging, i see that he is also using display:none for our product ids:

    <span itemscope itemtype= "http://schema.org/Product"><span itemprop="productID" itemprop="name"><span id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_gv_ProductSize_ctl02_lblproductnumber">1234</span></span>
    <span itemprop="name"><span id="ctl00_ContentPlaceHolder1_gv_ProductSize_ctl02_Label1" style="display:none">1234</span></span>

    same question... is this considered duplicate content?
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    Really very nice explanation...

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