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Thread: Why article submission is a poor SEO tactic?

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    Why article submission is a poor SEO tactic?

    Why article submission is a poor SEO tactic?

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    Creating awareness and interest in the services and products of your website.

    Articles create backlinks to your site, which increase your page rank. These articles have the ability to be republished on multiple sites, creating more links to your site as more sites share your article. These links are stronger for a long term positive effect than reciprocal links as article banks tend to store articles longer, while links exchanged may be removed from a site at any time.

    Reputation – Writing a well thought out article can earn you a good reputation on the subject, therefore increasing the public’s trust in your products and services.

    Attracting more visitors. Reaching more people through your article will create more traffic for your site, especially by following the notes above and creating a credible, intelligent article.
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    that's nice but still article submission's is booring job for SEO.

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    Interesting in reading instead comes and go with just title to answer . Sharing content with reputed article site is great idea as benefits explained above .
    Content marketing is most successful and reputed technique in marketing era specially in terms of SEO .
    that's nice but still article submission's is boring job for SEO.
    Why not pick right way , that's interesting . Its not rules to submit a article with multiple directories . So i suggest to submit it one place and promote it different place , joining communities is interesting , really not bored you .
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