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    OG properties

    What are Og properties ? How to use these properties ?

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    I think OG properties or tags are used for making your content rich or expected in the social media graphs. For instance, if your blog has a number of images and if you want a particular image to be taken as faceimage while posting in any of the social media sites, you can tag that image with OG protocol for acquiring the desired goal.

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    Before go properties you should know about the Open Graph Protocol ,which makes each page social object. Open Graph Protocol is established by Facebook to improve the representing of things in the social network. By using this protocol you will provide accurate information to search engines, which they needs. It might be a possibility that by using this protocol your page may rank high. Here I am mentioning few properties.
    og:title - The title of your object;
    og:type - The type of the object movie, audio, places,businesses, .
    og:image - An image URL - must be at least 50px by 50px, PNG, JPEG or GIF format;
    og:url - The canonical URL of the object;

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