I bought a domain with hostgator for a 1 year package. I installed a bunch of stuff like joomla, a bunch of forums and stuff, but I dont know how to use them. I have graduated college soon with a degree in something completely off from computer science. I realized I might want to shift to this but it may be too late. My only hope is maybe get a job and do this on my freetime. I thought this would be nothing but fun but it turned out to be a lot of grueling work too. Ive worked through it. Ive almost completed one course on Web fundamentals on codeacademy.com I am not a complete dummy with coding... ( I took a few classes back in high school)
What can I do?
I have big dreams: I want to make a revolutionary social networking site with new features that will overtake facebook, I want to make a gaming blog, with a running vibrant forums, I want to create databases and guides for this gaming forum, a social network, I want to know how to make websites with messaging systems, and how to get server data like rankings from games and post on my website.

Ive done a little bit of research and Ive gotten 2 general types of advice:
1. No way, it'll take you a long time with lots of hard work just to learn it. It's not an easy hill. You won't get the knowledge on how to unless you're a genius. I know it's tough news but its true

2. 90% of these people are jealous because they failed themselves. The 10% that says you can do it are the only ones who can do it.

Not sure what to do. Im looking for where to go for tutorials online, and what I need to know. No clue right now