I am new here and maybe the following question is stupid.
Currently, I am working with <frameset>
I have the following code snippet from run.html:

HTML Code:
<frameset rows="40%,60%">
     <frame name="1" src="example1.html";>
     <frameset cols="50%,50%,*">
     <frame name="2" src="example2.html">
     <frame name="3" src="example3.html">
this code works fine for html(htm).
In the complete run.html I also call a defined function
HTML Code:
function test()
which also works.
Can I put the output (a picture or histogram) into the frame?

I started with something like
HTML Code:
 <frame name="1" src="javascript:parent.test";>
but this only shows the code of the function.