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Thread: 18 year old and need career help from actual developers. Is it worth it?

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    18 year old and need career help from actual developers. Is it worth it?

    Hi, this is my first post and im here to ask some questions about web programming and design.
    I am interested in coding websites, I find it super enjoyable by somehow making things work just by typing a code.

    Is it worth learning all the languages like HTML, JS, XML, etc... now that there are websites out like Weebly or Wix?
    People can just make their own websites without any coding knowledge just by using sites like Weebly and wix so why would they hire me?

    Where would I work? In an office? at home? Where do I find work? Is this like a self employment type of career path?

    What kind of code languages should a newbie start learning without any coding knowledge? Where should I start?
    Do i need to go to school/college for this career choice? Should i be certified?

    Thank you to all who helped!

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    A lot depends on what sort of job you want: working by yourself as a freelancer on one side or as a member of a full engineering team at a dot.com or other business on the other side. For you to succeed at the former, you need to be a "jack of all trades, master of none" (including sales and accounts receivable ). At the other end of things (where I am) you'll be more specialized, perhaps being a database specialist, server-side programming specialist, front-end programming specialist, or front-end design specialist -- but it still helps to have some idea of what's going on in all those areas, including a decent understanding of HTML.

    Degrees are of limited importance (if any) for freelancers -- other than taking the right classes at the right school can certainly be of great help.

    Getting a job as part of a company's engineering team is a bit different, as a degree can help you get a job: especially if you don't have previous experience on your resume. Once you have a couple years' of experience, degrees won't matter for most web-dev jobs -- so many people get into it by starting as freelancers and then using their portfolio as well as networking (of the people type) to get their first non-freelancing job (as I did).
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