I have been using FileZilla (the only FTP program that seems to work all time) to open my files in Dreamweaver. However, I recently started to get this message when I open my files:

dynamically related files cannot be discovered because there is no site definition for this document

This happens with ALL files I try to open... even files I could access just fine a few days ago. I changed my editor to Notepad and they open just fine. However, Dreamweaver displays no content at all.

As of right now, I cannot use Dreamweaver because of this problem. I tried changing the settings to turn it off, which worked, but the content still does not display. It shows a blank page. I know there's content there because I saw it the other day, the file size is large, and it opens just fine in Notepad.

Please help! I can't work effectively on this machine until I can get this fixed. (These files open fine on my other machine. Must be a Dreamweaver setting?)