Im currently modifying an outdated CMS to fit my needs as a torrent link manager. I updated the BBCode textarea to be able to handle html coding because I wanted to be able to use a fancybox javascript. The original bbcode textarea could not do this. If I don't use html the new textarea works fine.

Please keep in mind that I am more comfortable with Html and ASP but I'm quickly trying to pick up basic PHP functions. So bare with my limited knowledge.

I put this html code in the textarea:

<a href="" class='ku_fancybox'>Miami Heat Clip | 22.27&nbsp;MB | AVI</a>

And the textarea area shows me the correct output:

Miami Heat Clip | 22.27*MB | AVI

This link is suppose to open up the preview image in a fancybox but when I submit the form I get this instead:

<p><a href=„“ class=„ku_fancybox“>Miami Heat Clip | 22.27&nbsp;MB | AVI</a>

For some reason it's turning my 2 of my quotations upside down.
Does anyone have an explanation for this? Or have some info that will point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.