I gave up a programming career 10 years ago, as my daughter was born and the dot.com bubble burst simultaneously.

Back then I was a "usability expert" mostly interface design (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and did a little bit of Java programming. I had expert knowledge of HTML, CSS (was used only for style, not semantics or layout), had good knowledge of JSP, ASP, SQL, and PHP; very basic knowledge of Java coding.

As it has been so long, I am studying HTML 5 and CSS (to its full potential) and am getting up to speed rather quickly.

My question is, in 2013 looking to be a professional developer again, what languages aside from HTML and CSS will make me the most marketable today (NYC Area)? So many seem interesting, but I am not up to date on what languages are proven and used as industry standards. I am looking to find work, not work on the most bleeding edge technologies.

Thank you all on advance.