Hi - we have recently done a lot of work on our website. This included moving it from HTTP to HTTPS as well as enabling an SEO optimized URL plugin on our cart platform. Initially we had the HTTP site set up on Google webmaster tools and as we were doing all the work we saw an dramatic increase in search impressions / clicks etc. Once the site had moved to HTTPS we also registered this on webmaster tools. We then saw a gradual decline in the HTTP search performance, with a steady increase in the HTTPS search performance.

The problem we are now having is that a huge number of old URLs that have since been updated / or file paths have changed - are appearing in the search results and returning infinite 302 redirect loops. For example:

https://www.fineartfoto.co.uk/innova...te-315gsm.html this is an old URL the site no longer uses this file path and categories have been renamed. It still however features in the search results and when clicked on returns the redirect loop error as seen below.

https://www.fineartfoto.co.uk/fine-a...te-315gsm.html this URL features directly below the old URL in the search results however this link works fine and displays the correct file path.

I did try manually going through all the search results associated with our site - noting down the urls that don't work - implementing 301 redirects in the htaccess. This solved the problem initially and all bad google results were now redirecting to the relevant pages on our site. However, it for some reason resulted in a lot of problems with internal site links. For example, from the homepage and using the navigation bar, clicking on a product within a category returned 302 redirect loop error as mentioned above.

I have read a tonne of different articles trying to understand what the problem is?

I would be so greatful if anyone that has had experience with these issues before could point me in the right direction as to how this needs to be resolved once and for all - getting so frustrated!