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Thread: Image map with url and sound

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    Image map with url and sound

    I have an image map just in html with many hotspots, which all have a different url to a new page.

    Well I want a sound playing as soon as they click on one of the hotspots but also play (a few seconds that is) as the new page is opened and not the sound stops abruptly.

    Each hotspot is another url with (if that will happen) yet another sound. it always opens _blank. In html this will not succeed. In html5 I can not find anything about javascript and I do not know enough.

    I originally had this in Flash, but i.v.m. Apple I'd like to have it working for everything.

    Who, has a solution for me?

    Thanks in advance. Sokodi.

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    Sorry i have no idea...

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    You don't have to replay, when you have no idea!

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