Hey guys,

Looking for a little advice on the available systems that people may have already implemented.
We (business x) are currently in the process of creating a new website on the web platform 'Magento'.
We are a business that sells items with a minimum number per product and as a result the more items a customer buys the less they pay per item.
So you have an idea for the amount of variables in the business. We buy the stock, then we also decorate the stock.

Variables effecting the cost include, the product type, the product, supplier, freight (supplier, supplier location, customer location, amount of boxes, weight of boxes, express/regular, fragile etc..),
internal freight, branding, method of branding, screen printing (positions, colours, heavy print, time of print, number of print, set up costs etc..)
Some of our products are purchased in australia, some outside of, we have variables for duty rate, international freight, taxes etc.

At the moment we have several price calculators developed through excel that when the product code is typed in will show the default product price per 25, 50, 100 units etc.
However we are only able to list a limited amount of product codes per spreadsheet due to the amount of variables. As a result we have many different spreadsheets.

Take for example, customer A wants a quote on 50 T-Shirts and 100 Engraved pens.

Our salesperson then brings up the price calculator for T-Shirts and types in the product code 'TS31' This then shows the sales person the amounts 25.50.100.etc.

The sales person then looks under the '50' column and gets this price for the customer. However rather than changing the product code to 'EP31' they have to open the price calculator folder,
Find the pens calculator,open it, type in 'EP31' and find the 100 column.

If you see the links below you can see that the sales person can then go in and change the price which will then show them the percentages of profit etc.
NOTE: Top link is blank, Bottom link has product inserted.





This is used by our sales people but as you can imagine having to find a different price calculator for every category is difficult and time consuming.

Furthermore when a product price needs to be changed we need to do it in the price calculator but then also update it on the website manually.

We are looking for a way to have one system/spreadsheet/program that can be used by the sales people so they do not have to be constantly switching between spreadsheets for every item they quote on.

By doing this we hope to see a faster and easier quoting system for our sales persons.

Any thoughts on a program we may be able to utilise for this would be helpful

Please understand that there are a lot of variable that we need to include. If you have any ideas or questions please get back to me on here ASAP.

Yours truly,

we would also like a program that can be linked to our website so when we update one of the two it will update the other automatically.