Hi All,

Background info about me- I'm primarily a designer with a little Dreamweaver and HTML knowledge. I'm pretty handy with computers/tech issues but, I have no hardcore programming skills.

I'm starting a side hobby website www.littlelotusparty.com My hope is that I can get enough traffic to warrant ads for a small side income. Currently everything is made and updated through dreamweaver, but as the site is growing fast, this is going to be very bulky to manage. My question is for pages like this http://www.littlelotusparty.com/menu.html

What's the best way to go about this? Create a html template for the top and left side menu, and then can I embed a php script in the middle area so that I can easily update the images? Is it possible to have a form created so that I can easily enter the info I want, and the image, and then upload so the latest one is listed at the top? Is it possible to create multiple pages (ex, dress page 1, dress page 2) with this? Am I completely going about this the wrong way?

I am trying to determine 1)what's the best way to do this 2) is this something I can do (I'm okay taking a long time to learn and do this) or is this something that I would have to hire for (I don't really have the funds as this is a side project now)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!