I'm trying to get a test sheet to work offline by using an Application Cache. I've taken the following steps to do this but the document won't appear offline. All I get is a message saying "Not connected to the Internet".

I've included in my HTML document <http://troncon.ca/wMf/offline.html>.
I have placed an image file and three documents in the server (offline.html, offline.css and offline.js). The js and css documents are referenced in my html sheet.
I've added a text file to the root directory of the Apache server (appcache.htaccess) which has the following line: AddType text/cache-manifest .appcache

I've also included a manifest file (offline.appcache) in the same folder as the above documents. The contents of the manifest file are as follows:


# Version 1



The webpage downloads fine to my pc. However, when I then try to access it with my pc disconnected from the internet all I get is the message saying I'm not connected to internet.

What have I missed?