Hello! My company has client that manufactures automotive floor mats and sells straight to consumers via their website. Their site is outdated and the store lacks so many basic functions that it is laughable.

We have proposed they shift their marketing budget they spend with us to our development side and let us build them a new website. The one hold up we have is that the client believes finding an API-type arrangement for the automotive database is basically impossible. We know this can't be true.

I have reached out to motor.com, as well as epicor.com, which both claim to provide this sort of service. I even contact a company that has a similar business to inquire about the tool they use. No responses from any of those yet.

So, my questions is, has anyone built or worked on a site that uses an automotive database? What we need is something as simple with year, make and model, such as the one found here: http://www.weathertech.com/