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Thread: IE 7 document mode in IE 8 versus IE 9

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    IE 7 document mode in IE 8 versus IE 9

    I ahve a site on my company's network and is an internal web app. I use html <object> tag to embed a pdf inside browser window. some people are upgraded to IE 9, some are on IE8. default setting for IE is to show intranet sites in compat mode which thn forces document mode to IE 7 standards. In IE 8 browser mode and document mode = IE 7, this object tag works correctly, shows pdf. but in IE 9 browser mode and document mode = IE 7, the object tag do not show pdf always. I am confused how document mode = Ie 7 can behave differently in 2 different browsers.
    pls suggest if any.

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    Some quick searches turned up some information. You might check out


    The solutions I saw require access to some server control files. Apparently, no document-level settings/tags will help this issue. But you definitely want to move the company away from anything to do with IE7, and probably IE8 as well. Newer versions (9+) of IE no longer include complete support all of the old (IE6&7) rendering modes. There are too many drawbacks to maintaining ties to such old software any longer. Good luck!
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    I recently had a problem like this embedding a pdf file. I found after struggling with this pdf file for a client the best solution was to just code the pdf file in to a page of the site. it was a very large form application for a staffing company. It ended up looking more professional and aloud for the site to be more user friendly. Also it allows me to update the form easily when they need to add or remove fields.

    The best part of it is the ability to let people fill it out in the browser and then email the form to the customer when the form is submitted with php. Obviously this may not be an option for you but just wanted to throw it out there. I hope that helps.

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