The meaning of is self explanatory: element with currently focused on ID, but due to the abundance of the word "this", it is very difficult to find it in online js references, like w3schools.

could someone post a link to the explanation of this id somewhere on the net?


It will help me deal with a specific problem.

The problem is how to replace "" with specific id reference. To narrow down my question, what does refer to in the particular instances below and how could reference to it be made more directly, something like


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var itemlista1;
var itemlista2;

var mapa1 = { item1zest1 : itemlista1, item1zest2 : itemlista2 };

$('#item1zest1, #item1zest2').change(function(){
$("#wybierzitem1 option").remove();
$.each(mapa1[], function(i, val) {
var opcja = $("<option />");
chayn1 = val
var cutted=chayn1.split("|");
var singl=cutted.slice(0,1);

var versionesel = $("#wybierzitem1");
var droplista = Math.floor(Math.random() * $('#wybierzitem1 option').length);
  versionesel.get(0).selectedIndex = droplista;
  versionesel.selectmenu('refresh', true);
var itemwybrany = $('#wybierzitem1').val(); 
$("label[for='itempick1'] .ui-btn-text").html(itemwybrany);

var itemwybrany = $('#wybierzitem1').val();   
$("label[for='itempick1'] .ui-btn-text").html(itemwybrany);
var itemwybrakowany = $('#wybierzitem1')[0].selectedIndex;