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Thread: "You cannot overwrite this file" ??????

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    Question "You cannot overwrite this file" ??????

    Does "You cannot overwrite this file" mean that the image may not be modified?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brendi View Post
    Does "You cannot overwrite this file" mean that the image may not be modified?
    What is the context in which you receive this message?
    Are you trying to edit the image?
    Are you trying to replace it with a different image of the same name?
    Where are you trying to "overwrite" this file from and what program are you using?

    Your question is a bit vague.

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    This message generally means that the "read only" flag is set on the file. This often happens if the file is on a CD, or has been copied off a CD. Files on a CD cannot be edited. Files copied off a CD can be edited/overwritten, but not all programs support the facility. If the program you are using does not allow it, just save the file with a different name. Then you can use the OS to rename or delete the old file and rename the new file. How you do that depends on the OS.

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    It may mean that the file is opened by another application.

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