Hi people,

I am in the process of designing a web application that is along the lines of a social gaming environment, without giving too much away, its somewhere where people can come and earn a little bit of money and have some fun...

I am a recent graduate and have been studying mainly C#.Net, ASP, SQL Server, and it is partly for this reason I am keen to have the application developed using these technologies so I can have some familiarity with the finished project, but also because I believe that these technologies also provide the necessary stability and security required.

Just in case your wondering why I wrote "have the application developed", its because being a new graduate I know it would take me far too long to code my idea, and would struggle over the complexities of building an efficient database, so have opted to produce detailed design documentation as my contribution (as well as the money ).

Anyway, I digress; What I want to ask is, are these the best technologies to use or are there others that work just as well? I know applications like eBay and Facebook are PHP based and they function OK and have adequate security. The security aspect is a big issue as there may be an electronic currency being used within my application and the need to prevent hackers duplicating it is a real concern (as was seen with BitCoin).
I have also thought about future development that could involve the implementation of USB devices, so with this in mind, an efficient USB/Hardware communication protocol would be something to consider. I know that using Microsoft technology would compliment this, but my knowledge is really quite narrow when it comes to other alternatives.

If someone could take the time to enlighten me as to options possibilities, or your personal opinions, preferences, it would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!