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Thread: How to create an image that when a cell is selected copies the selection

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    How to create an image that when a cell is selected copies the selection


    I have an image. It is a grid. 10 rows across and 5 row down. I need to make the grid cells clickable and when a cell is clicked the value of that cell is copied to the clipboard. I need to copy 3 clicks. For example if I select: Row 1 Column 1 = 3 ; Row 2 Column 2 = G; Row 5 Column 10 = Z by clicking the variable then 3GZ would be copied to the clipboard and I could paste that data into another place on the webpage. Can anyone help with this? I am not sure how to do this without flash. Needs to be pure html + css if possible.

    3 P 5 X H T W 8 Q V
    D G 4 H 8 J 7 2 5 M
    H Y I U C 0 K E E 6
    J H D G 6 I I P 0 7
    6 5 6 F G K L B V Z

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    Detecting a click on a grid can be done with HTML image maps. But, accessing the clipboard is going to require some JavaScript, and it isn't simple. There are security and browser compatibility issues. You might ask for help over in the JavaScript forum.
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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