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Thread: Frontend posting in wordpress

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    Frontend posting in wordpress

    Is there any code/tweak to embed the wordpress text editor in a wordpress-page so that users can post from frontend? I tried the front-end plugins but almost all of them messed up with my theme's code. It's a self-made artisteer theme btw.

    The best among them was WP-User Frontend, but again the problem with it is if I create a new post/page with an image (say image1)everything is fine, but later on if I replace that image1 by image2, then I see thumbnail versions of both image1 and image2 show up at the bottom of the page due to this plugin. After disabling this plugin, this problem did not persist so it's safe to assume that this plugin was the one creating the mischief.
    Any solutions to enable frontend posting would thus be appreciated. The url couldnot be given since it is in maintenance mode.

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    it supports add media,quote,image, link, etc, etc

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