Hi all,

I'm new here so I hope I'm adding this to the right thread.

I'm working at a company as an intern and I'm hoping to put together a web application that would make life a bit easier for my team.

I need to build an app that does the following steps on the company platform:

1. Look up a particular set of numbers.

2. Add those numbers together.

3. Look up a separate number

4. Divide the sum of the first set by the send number

5. Multiply the answer by 100.

We currently have to do this manually across multiple forms (the forms are online and follow a standard layout so the numbers are always in the same place) and therefore can be quiet time consuming.

In the first set of numbers, there are fifteen numbers that will needed to be added together.

Any help will be much appreciated, I only have a basic understanding of programming, so any help/advice from those more experienced then myself would be much appreciated. Also, please let me know if anymore clarification is needed.