I am in need of creating a web app (or looking for an existing script) to generate documents in HTML with particular editable fields. The idea is as follows:

*Generate a web document based on a template with help next/popping up on each field.
*Edit only particular fields.
*Allow someone to approve said changes.
*Save an HTML file to the web server that can later be retrieved to continue editing.

The idea is actually more complex than that, being able to lock the changes once they're made, moving to a 2nd+ phase allowing the editing of different parts of the document, making backups of the previous versions of the file, among other things, but having the features i mentioned first would be the basis of it and what's mroe important at this point in time.

I was wondering if all of that would be possible with HTML5 only, or if i'd require any other language or tool to perform those tasks. And also if you could point me to the right direction into what to study / look at to create that, i'd very much appreciate it.

Thank you!