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Thread: How to improve traffic and back links

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    How to improve traffic and back links

    Hi i am working on this website Exam Notifications

    can you help with tips on how to improve traffic and backlinks for thsi website.

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    You should be post your website backlinks through blog posting and forum posting, and also work on directory and bookmarking. and if you want get more traffic post your website detail on social media sites.

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    Traffic depends on your promotion stuffs, you can post in forums, blogs and do article submission to improve traffic to your website, I would say.
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    Before creating backlinks on the sites try to make some research on their ranking, then you may create quality links that worth several links which you can build on badly ranked websites.

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    You can get quality backlinks by doing quality link building like forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, article submission, blog posting, guest posting and directory submission on high PR sites. If you want more traffic to your site share your site detail on social media sites like facebook, linkedIn, twitter and Youtube.

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    SEO is the best technique to improve backlinks and traffic for website.

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    Social media and reputation management is only increase backlinks and traffic. The social media and groups relevant to the exam or study or colleges or youth clubs everything has separate groups in social media participate and promote a website through people interactions. It's can increase SEO ranking permanently.

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