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Thread: Which is better, article links or forum links?

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    Which is better, article links or forum links?

    Which is better, article links or forum links?
    Hi friends,
    I'm just wondering which method has better results in terms of increasing traffic to a site? What do you guys think? please share your feedback.

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    Both links are good but I would say that article directories are not too good these days, you can use forums as well.
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    Both are good...

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    Should do both: submit articles and register in forums.

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    Both are good when the content is fresh and most relevant to the backlink web page. For example: this page has SEO article and forum related content . If I get a backlink and that back link target to the article or forum related, it's good for the site. If the promoter gives a backlink to real estate company. It's not credited.

    Sometimes articles submitting in many websites (duplicate content). It's not good and possible to decrease SEO rankings. SO fresh content with most relevant link is important rather than forum or articles.

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    I think both are effective in optimizing a website, make sure that you are leaving good contents that you can impart in a community.

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