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    Beginner Help

    Hey, I am totally new to this web development thing, and i am planning to start a website , just like a fantasy football and not football ... i've different event in my mind.
    Now, at this time, i am completely blank about what to do.

    so i will make a list of what i want in my website...and what i know ..about developing websites
    what i want :
    1) multi-user of coarse. 2) user can create his own team. (i have all data from where user will choose his own choices)

    3) price and points gained by all team members(like players in football) should be taken care of...

    4) and most basic functionality which fantasy football websites provide...

    what i know :
    1) some basics about Dreamweaver...
    2) i can create web pages (simple ones though)
    3) HTML, CSS
    4) covered domains and hosts

    so, now i don't know where to start from...because i dont know what my website needs...
    so tell what technologies i will need (i will learn )...like which database (pls explain DB ..i dont have a single clue about DB),

    pls , guide me...with steps so i can understand what is more important.

    Even if it will take a year to learn those technologies ...i am prepared for that kind of work. I don't have a timeline for this project, because i am doing it independently.
    Thanks in advance for help....god bless....

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    Basically, I'd suggest a less ambitious choice, i.e. one that does not require knowledge of PHP and SQL on top of the client languages.

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    I guess html and some script language should be a good start to learn
    apart from basics of html, search for html 5 which is way much powerful and ofcourse you would need some programming to do (which can be done in scripting languages)
    start with html 5 , find out some examples, see what it can do for you and then if it sounds good, learn it
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    I am agree with jedaisoul .I am adding some more information about it i.e.

    1.Short array syntax has been added,
    2.Function array dereferencing has been added,
    3.Improved parse error messages and improved incompatible arguments warnings.
    4.The session extension can now track the upload progress of files.
    5.Built-in development web server in CLI mode.
    6.Support for traits has been added.
    7.Closures now support $this.
    8.Binary number format has been added,

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