Hi Everyone!

First of all I'm sorry for bothering you but I have several problems and I hope you can help with me.

So my blog address is www.glossynewsstand.com and it's hosted on blogger.com.

So, this is my blog http://www.glossynewsstand.com/, as you see under header image there's page list but this page list is only showing on main page but not in other pages...

for example this is one of the post's separate page: http://www.glossynewsstand.com/2013/...2013_9901.html - and there's no page list as you see,

Also another example, this is second page of the blog: http://www.glossynewsstand.com/searc...max-results=60 - and there's no page list as you see

Can you help me to fix this? I want page list to be seen in every page.


As I mentioned in above problem, there's page list in my blogger page and see that only first word HOME is bolded and other words are not bolded, I want to un-bold this word aswell.


This is my homepage link: www.glossynewsstand.com

And when I click previous page button, I go in previous page and this is link: http://www.glossynewsstand.com/searc...max-results=60

Is it possible that link not to be so long and be just simply: www.glossynewsstand.com/page2 (probably not this one) or something short like this and not such long link?