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Thread: Basics about cold fusion

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    Basics about cold fusion

    What is cold fusion? where it is used? details pls....Thanks

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    Basics about cold fusion

    The aim of this tutorial is to explain to someone that never worked with ColdFusion as to what it is and how to get started quickly. There is no assumed prior knowledge of ColdFusion. However, it is assumed that you have already installed a CF (CF stands for ColdFusion) server. In the database section I also assumed that you installed a database server - for my examples I will use a SQL server and its default databases (pubs and Northwind). I assume that you know, or someone will help you with installing datasource names for these two databases.

    ColdFusion is a scripting language, that since 1996 has been used by developers to create dynamic websites. A dynamic website can change depending on outside factors like data, user preferences or changes in backend database. Websites that only use HTML are static. HTML is a set of tags used to format and link pieces of text - it doesn't change. DHTML (dynamic HTML) based website has limited ability to interact with the website visitor, however, its inability to access a database make it almost static.

    ColdFusion is a programming language that is tag based and can be used on the same page as HTML (however for more advanced programming projects such practice is discouraged). All ColdFusion tags start with "cf", for example, <cfset yourName = "Joe"> this tag sets variable "yourName" to the value of "Joe". ColdFusion is not concerned with variable and statement case, thus <CFSET YOURname = "Joe"> is the same as <CFset yourNamE = "Joe">.

    Guide version 0.1 last updated on 11/06/2005.

    I provide this guide as is, without any guarantees, explicit or implied, as to its contents. You may use the information contained herein in your computer career, however I take no responsibility for any damages you may incur as a result of following this guide. You may use this document freely and share it with anybody as long as you provide the whole document in one piece and do not charge any money for it. If you find any mistakes, please feel free to inform me about them Tom Kitta. Legal stuff aside, let us start.

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    Really basic information on coldfusion and its functions are on quackit.com/coldfusion/tutorial/coldfusion_introduction.cfm, but I suggest to read introductory articles on the official CF support website: adobe.com/support/coldfusion/tutorial_index.html

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    There are many good articles you can find with google. For example, you can read about CF sitepoint[dot]com/cold-fusion-tutorial/

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