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Thread: Property font-weight doesn't exist

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    Question Property font-weight doesn't exist - PHP string

    I tried using the jigsaw.w3.org css-validator on a php file - with the property option set to level 3 CSS on the validation page. This is a local style embedded inside a php string.

    I'm getting an error that says:
    Property \"font-weight doesn't exist : bold as shown here.

    Here is the string it's referencing: (it matches the example in my book)
    print "<div>Thank you, <span style=\"font-weight:bold; color:yellow; \">$name</span> for your posting:<p>$posting</p><div>";
    The string, and data-entry-form work fine. The entire web page all works. It just won't validate past this error.

    At this point I'm assuming the validation site above is only for CSS pages exclusively and will not validate local styles embedded inside php strings?
    I'm not sure what to do about this because the print statement matches a similar example in the book I'm learning from.
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    You're validating by the file upload? It looks like you can only upload CSS files.
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    Hello cbVision,

    Yes, I used the upload file option.

    I did find a few similar questions on other boards and from what some people have said,
    there really isn't a way to validate a php page because it's server side so the php code is invisible to the validation checker ..as is the case with the end users visiting your site (by design php is hidden to the end user or in this case the validation site). And the truth is, if there was an error in the string, php would output an error message because I have error reporting turned on.

    My code works as expected --> see <-- and this php page passes the xhtml validation at least. So I think it's ok.
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