WEB VIDEO PLAYER programmer / developer wanted [Partnership]:

I am going to build and run a music web video player website where I will be playing unknown TALENTED singers. I have good number of viewers on my YouTube channels who love my selections of music videos. The viewers will love to follow me to my new own music website. I will move all my playlists (thousands of videos) to my new website and I will be adding new and new videos every day for every year for all the rest of my life. This is the most hard work because NOT everybody is able to select the right videos that viewers love to watch, and NOT everybody is able to regurally spend so much time with the making selection, for free for the first year. You will just spend a few days with making the web video player. That's all your work: Just one web video player according to my project. Details of the "web video player project" I will send on request. As return for your short and easy work, you will suggest a price for your work, and I will give you a space on my website for a time till the space will generate all the sum of the money for your work. For example: I will be repeatedly playing any your videos (of any topic except porn, brutal violence, criminal / political ideology, any religion, anything against my website, etc.) among the music videos plus on the main web page you will have a space for your own web video player or any text, picture / photo, your links (redirection to your own web site) etc, but SEE the exceptions above. What you will place on my website, depends only on you: Whether you will run Google AdSense with your publisher id to earn direct revenue for each click on the ones from Google Company by any visitor of my website or whether you present your own website and get traffic to it or you will present any of your skills / knowledge / services and get the payment from your future clients / customers / employer or whatever, just suggest! I am open for an arrangement. Offers, Questions, Details of "web video player project", I will send on request: Please email me at amertasaATgmailDOTcom. Thank you.