I've been putting together a little Joomla site which is not at all influenced by Pinterest and I've ended up paring it down to the point that I'm using maybe 5% of the underlying template, not to mention Joomla itself. I've reached a point where the template is more of a hindrance than a help, except for providing a pretty brilliant and smooth-acting mooMasonry foundation. The site has become so straightforward though the underlying framework may not be trivial that I'd like to recreate it either on a pretty simple masonry-based Joomla framework (if there is such a thing) or, better still, outside of Joomla entirely.

Aside from running into a few roadblocks in the template, in K2 and in available plugins, the design is pretty close to done. I'd just like to reproduce it in a lightweight form that will generate very lean pages and tweak it a little more. I'm not expecting anybody to put this together for me unless you'll do that for $100 but is there some ready-made basic framework that could be adapted to act pretty much like what I have now? I'm really not using more than a few of Joomla's features, and I'd be fine with adapting PHP and JavaScript and just editing content directly, but if this were built outside Joomla or Drupal I wouldn't have a clue how to build it all from scratch. This would however be a good project to get up to speed on that.

The critical feature would be a masonry foundation that will keep track of browser width, adjust the number and width of columns and dynamically arrange equal-width blocks within those columns, displaying all the items from a particular category, ideally displaying each block as soon as it's loaded. For full page content, it would need to keep track of browser height as well, to adjust the size of a Flash player and a Google Map, and maybe some sort of photo gallery. Aside from that, it would need to switch from a regular top menu to a mobile-format menu when the regular menu is about to overflow, and the width for that switch could he hard-coded. No users, no front-end editing or anything like that.

So is there a basic framework available to do that sort of thing in the form of just HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript, or barring that a really lean skeleton template for some CMS?

Thanks for any leads,