Hello Developers,
I work in IT and I plan on launching a merchant site where I will be selling items and want to offer bitcoin as a payment option.

My site will need to have charts with current prices for gold/btc and gold/usd, as well as a system to generate bitcoin wallets, etc.

I'm not sure where to start, I was thinking of getting dreamweaver and doing this on my own. However I'm getting the feeling I may need to outsource some expertise for exactly what I want. My concerns with outsourcing is security in having someone know the ins and outs of my website.

I'm not sure if I would need to run this site on my own server and manage the box, which means I would need to learn more about web security and administration, or if I could just outsource the sitebuild and get my orders in an email and fullfill orders as they come in; while accepting bitcoin via MTGOX or some other established exchange.

I've got a clear vision of what I want built just not sure the right direction to take in fabricating it. Any help would be appreciated, also with some of the in depth detail and security I was thinking this may need some javascript coding.

I may be in over my head on my own, if I do have to outsource what's a good secure way to go about it while not losing my shirt. Or where would be some good books or resources I could go to for building a site like this. I've searched for web developement, but I'm having trouble finding what I need.