Hey All,

My question is: Is there a way to preserve the Native IOs vertical scrolling functionality (momentum,velocity) after binding a touchmove event to the full page wrapper that handles horizontal swipes?

Basically have this little script that pulls out a panel (next product or prev product) from the right or left of the mobile device on 'dragleft/dragright'. Got everything working fairly smoothly using css3 transforms. However im now noticing that the vertical scroll of the page has become laggy- at least not at all as smooth as it should be. Realizing this is of course because i have a touchmove listener attached to the whole scrollable area (in order to derive the swipes) and so I'm guessing its waiting till touch release to actually scroll? Which is a pretty crappy experience.
I've tried almost everything I can think of but it seems that any sort of touchmove handling - even it has no function - is causing the same affect on the native scrolling functionality -> for ios mobile at least.
Has anyone ever ran into this? Thanks for any help