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Thread: why does my page look fine in NVU and firefox but AWFUL in other browsers?

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    Exclamation why does my page look fine in NVU and firefox but AWFUL in other browsers?

    hey guys!

    I am having trouble getting my page to look right once it is published even though it looks great in my html editor.

    the page is here:

    pleaseeeeeee help

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    One reason is that the <!DOCTYPE> you're using sets browsers to what's called "Quirks Mode" in which they all have non-standard variations in how they render pages. You need to use a complete <!DOCTYPE> statement which sets browsers to "Standards Compliance Mode" in which they're all at least trying to behave according to the W3C Standards. Search on "DOCTYPE switch" and you'll find some advice on choosing a suitable <!DOCTYPE> for your pages.
    Rick Trethewey
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    I really think your problem especially across browsers is you laying it out using tables. CSS is strong enough where that is not necessary or considered good practice.
    If you were to change the css of your website you could easily fix your problem.


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