The original code was developed and confirmed to work in Chrome, Mozilla, and IE 7/8. However, after reviewing the code years later, we have discovered there is a bug in this code. Here is the situation:

If a user visits a link, a pop-up will appear that will tell certain system specs. This worked universally over 32 and 64-bit systems using Chrome, Mozilla, and IE 7. However, with 32 bit IE 8/9/10 (we dropped 7 support), this code no longer works correctly.

Here is the code:

 // Return true if unable to open a new window
      function popup_blocked() {
        var popup ='','_new','height=150px,width=150px');

        if ( popup==null || !popup || typeof(popup) == "undifined" ) {
          return true;
        } else if ( navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome")>=0 && (popup.innerWidth !=150 || popup.innerHeight != 150) ){  
	      return true;
	    } else {
          return false;
No matter if pop-up block is enabled or not, the window does popup on IE 8/9/10, but ONLY the 32-bit systems, works fine for IE 8/9/10 64-bit systems. Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this so that 32-bit can be supported as well?

I hope this is clear enough, we've been visiting, and revisiting this all day.