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Thread: Trying to create a document

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    Trying to create a document

    Hello, newbie here. I am trying to create a nice looking document and have been doing it in word and trying to convert it to pdf. I would like to provide a sample of "the concept" that I like, but I have no idea how the document was produced. Can someone help me? If I can't figure this out I will have to hire out. I'm baffled as when I try to create in word it looks nothing like this. Any detailed information would be so helpful, or what programs I can try.



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    If you want to convert pdf to doc then you should use any free pdf to doc software, there are many just find in google with the search term "pdf to doc".
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    Which programming language do you use? You can refer to this online guide on how to create pdf document using viusal basic, the sample methods can be used directly, or you can call the apis to program you own specified pdf creating and generating application.

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