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Thread: Is there a good responsive rich text editor?

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    Is there a good responsive rich text editor?

    Hi all ,

    I want to good responsive rich text editor

    Any advice ?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by a "responsive" editor, but I've had good luck with the free version of CKEditor, called fckeditor. But you have to be a little careful about multiple re-edits of the same code. It's a miracle that anyone could create a WYSIWYG editor in JavaScript at all, but after a few editing sessions the HTML code can get a bit messy, filled with multiple <span>s and such. It's usually pretty simple to clean up the code in such cases, but I could wish for better.
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    Thank you rtrethewey, But I checked it , it's not responsive.
    Responsive means it's HTML5 based , Which means that it fits to screen, or respond to screen size , not by being 100% of width ,But by changing position of the elements to the best for the screen width , So that its navigation is good using mobile or tablets.


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    if your hangup is the layout of the editor, you can alter that yourself quite easily, it's all just HTML and CSS...
    The core itself is never going to be responsive, just the menu interface whereby you interact with the WYWIWYG, and in all cases i've seen, such interfaces are highly customizable.
    Typically, they ship with a bunch of buttons. You can sprinkle those buttons anywhere and float or media query them to your hearts content.
    The problem with trying to give these types of editors a responsive layout is that they're expected to be cut-and-pasted into a variety of applications, and fluid layouts need every piece optimized to fit alongside the other pieces, something the editor maker has no knowledge of when they cut the code from their dev machines. So, they provide their own rectangle where they can control as much as possible and have it work on as many pages as possible. Again, you just need to tweak what they provide, and a responsive layout won't be far behind.
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